A picture that covers up the thousands of words

The picture was taken by my son Jop in 2009, two years after I had graduated, under my real name of Christopher Sanderson, with an MA in Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University. I first used the pen-name coastmoor ten years earlier when I started being asked for user names on poetry websites such as the BBC’s wonderful Get Writing, a fine gathering of writers which sadly no longer exists. At the time I was living on the edge of Dartmoor and I was often visiting the Devon moors, and the Cornwall coasts. Inspired by these divergent wild and beautiful places I chose the pen-name to help tie me to somewhere forever. Little did I know then that I would become a mature arts and humanities student, settled in Lincolnshire!а

Now seems a good time to merge my pen-name and my real name, although as a poet I desperately desire to hold onto the imaginary I, for it has become a place of respite from, and reflection of, the real I.а

Thats the introduction over; I hope you enjoy the poetry, there is no end of it, and no end to it.

ай️Christopher Sanderson 2019