Christopher Sanderson 2014 :: Outer Hebrides

I wrote once that some people are place people, and some people are people people. I very much used to put myself in the former group, place was, and still is, always very important for me. Yet during this summers trip to Ireland I was fortunate to spend long periods of time in conversation, or having the craic as they say over there. The deepness, or maturity, or whatever we might call this closenessаof the talking, struck me as being quite essential as an influence to the writer. Not to steal other mens words entirely, as one might do with a quotation, but more to listen to the cadence of the voices, to listen out for the gaps and the spaces, to watch minds at work whilst talkers thought what next to say, thought out how next to respond. Of course the subject matter and content also drives the interest. We heard wonderful life stories, and were told of particular insights and impressionable visions, all of which brought interest for future writing. This was my year for my own personal revelation you might say. Some of my response can be found in Christopher Sanderson's Ireland Poems on youtube.

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