Christopher Sanderson 2015 :: Isle of Skye Bothy No 7

It is gertting very close to an anniversary. Though I will leave you to work out which anniversary that is.аThis was the year when we heard, almost at midnight, whilst on our friends verandah in Lincolnshire, that we were expected that very same day in the Hebrides! In the beautiful isolated retreat that we had booked and paid for some eighteen months earlier. Needless to say all manner of doubts came flooding in to my mind. If I could not trust myself anymore then who could I trust, and if I could not be trusted to remember our holiday then what on earth could I be trusted with.аWe did get back on track, we went to the Isle of Skye, we stayed in the Flodigarry Hotel, we went to the wonderful grass roofed cafe as featured in Grand Designs and we saw the filmakers filming sheep with placards.аEarlier in the year, before the doubts about my memeory surfaced, I had a particularly good birthday, which I do remember, and which you can see here:аWaking, Moving, And Writing.

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