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ls Christopher about to begin conducting, after all they were in Carbis Bay at the time of the G7 summit, although this picture was just around the corner at Gwythian.

But let’s not forget the half-year before this as we waited, fingers crossed for those fine chaps in Whitehall to grant us permission to go on our hols. Yes this was again the year of COVID, where we all stayed home and communicated by the now ubiquitous, Zoom.

The high point of January was a repeat CT scan, closely followed by renewal of the car insurance, and a delivery by Waitrose of all the finest things a man and woman might choose to eat. Choose we did, and at our allotted time the van did arrive. Magic, why ever go shopping again, other than to lose the pounds that the virus brought with it.

February included my 69th birthday, yes next year is the big one and you are all invited, unless of course you know what happens, and we are restricted to an intimate, homely affair. Not sure affair is the right word there Christopher but move on, they might not notice.

We switched from Waitrose to Morrisons, due to lack of slots apparently, but perhaps we were becoming too comfortable. A diabetes review threw up all the traditional finger wagging, until the new results showed that things had improved.

A new wood-burner was installed in the old stables in April, stingy Christopher showing a marked lack of foresight by not plumping for the ten times more expensive ground source heat pump. If only the global warming conference had not been in November.

Sheffield Wednesday have skirted with relegation for half a season, and on the very last day, the same day as our vaccination as was, they achieved it. We heard the news on the car radio in Lincolnshire’s prestigious show ground car park.

In July, the big screen iMac arrived, a little more expensive than a trip to Specsavers perhaps, but boy oh boy is it fun to use. Hopefully it will lead to a few less typos, and a few more correctly saved documents.

And so to August and a vacation at Wold’s Edge, Bishop Wilton. A splendid lodge with its own outdoor jacuzzi and a walk through the woods to the village pub. Of course we went to Castle Howard to take in the splendour of that which was the backdrop for Brideshead Revisited.

Despite protestations, I chose the treacle chips at the Mowgli in Manchester, and yes, everyone did take one or two to try. We were in town for Grayson Perry’s magnificent people’s exhibition, which was a good deal more than neat.

Then to Porth with my son Andrew. Originally, this started out as a fishing trip but in fact turned into a tour of Eden, Newquay, Newlyn, Padstow and Watergate Bay. We did meet up with Joseph and Marija to make it a family affair.

November saw the downfall of Yorkshire Cricket Club’s high and mightier than thou brigade, thanks to the racist scandal, which filled the news bulletins, as Andrew and I drove to Bridlington for his birthday treat at Burlington’s restaurant.

Just before this Kate and I went to Norfolk and Norwich, were we stayed in the splendid Assembly House, which may well be the last bit of five star luxury for a little while. To balance things up, it was blond beer and mussels in the Belgium Monk public house and restaurant.а

Next day saw us at the the Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts, SCVA for short, which was as splendid as ever with Modigliani and Francis Bacon, as well as the earlier, and dare I say more peaceful, Buddhas.

And so to December. The M&S food is on order, to be collected on Christmas Eve. But, with the return of yet another strain of the virus ,we have turned again to Waitrose, to supply and deliver the Charlie Bigham’s extremely fine Chicken Tikka Masala.

Finally, this year, instead of Christmas cards (though they are on order), it is this review of the year, along with the new website (which aims eventually to bring everything of Christopher’s on line meddling into one place) that will be circulated widely.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

ай️Christopher Sanderson 2022