Sub-Domains & Links

The picture was taken in the Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Garden, St Ives, Cornwall. My partner Kate christened the photograph ‘Christopher the Peaceful Poet’. It is true that poetry does bring me peace, but poetry also rouses all manner of other feelings, which I attempt on occasion to illuminate and elucidate.а

I write poetry most days, in the past it was often scribing in my mind as I drove up and down the country. It was mostly experiential and observational poetry, with occasional lapses into that area of much misunderstanding that is my psyche.а

As a poet, and also as a poetry and creative writing workshop facilitator, I take great pleasure in working with my fellow writers; the research required to put together an inspirational workshop is where I find much of the poetry, poetry that I then often go on to read more deeply.а

Poetry became a labour of love for me, I am in my thirtieth year or more of writing poetry. I am thankful that poetry came into my life when it did, I hope, that through my poetry, or my poetry workshops, that I can return some of poetry’s generosity.

Now that I have retired from the day job the time has come to realign work and leisure, which for the moments means that in addition to new writing there is a need to collate the previous years works, hence the need for su-domains.

ай️Christopher Sanderson 2019