Welcome to this enquiry into self, played out by the twelve participants who, having walked from Sagre to Lisbon, agreed to the continuation of their adventures and their explorations into self via Zoom.


Christopher is the storyteller. He was the original asker of questions, but others have asked, and are to be invited to join in the questioning.


Ramirez is a walking guide in Portugal. He was the twelve's guide, or fifteen as they were then, during the walk from Sagres to Lisbon.


Suzy is a university lecturer in the humanities. Her husband Clive, a geologist, who was on the walk has so far chosen not to continue working with the group, although he has offered no explanation as to why he is not doing so.


Michael is Angela’s husband. He is a writer, specifically he writes poetry. He did used to write flowingly, then, after seeing a psychoanalyst, his writing slowed down, his poetry became much more deliberate.

That is enough of the characters for now. More will be revealed as they play out their enquiry on Zoom. Which in turn will be revealed here, on this very website. To get their backstory you might read: Imaginary Retreats - Going Away Without Going Away: Part 2 Sagres to Lisbon which is available on Amazon

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