Christopher Sanderson

Most days I would try to write a poem; it is a practice, as I suppose is meditation, or smiling, or watching the world go by.

Always there is a creative writing project on the go, oftentimes there are several in progress at the same time; the psychology of life is my go-to place of choice.

I make videopoetry as a way to bring sound and vision into the amplification of the poem. It is both madly frustrating yet also supremely satisfying when it works.

Hosting and facilitating creative writing and poetry workshops is a real love of my life, it reaffirms my belief that everyone has creative abilities.

I found meditation via Transcendental Meditation in the 1980s. It has stayed with me through various guises ever since. I practice most days, it brings peace and inspiration.

Besides all of these, possibly erudite, pursuits I also support and am a season ticket holder on the Kop at Sheffield Wednesday.

Back Story

The backstory begins in 2005, and this is how I looked back then.

A divine and dramatic poetry week at Emerson College in the summer led to enrollment in a full-time degree course in Creative Writing at the University of Derby (Buxton) in the Autumn. A year of bags being packed and bags being packed once again; a year of moving on and moving on further again. Poetry is becoming a driving force, a reason for being, a being to reason with.