Niet van der Zand

Nom de plume

Perhaps there is some of your writing that you might not want everyone to know is written by you, and that may be for many reasons.

My original thought was that I didn’t want anyone to be hurt by my writing, especially by the quite obviously personal works.

The idea blossomed, and soon I was able to write with new freedom, with redoubled convictions the inspirations flowed onto the pages.

Carry On

The Mindgeist connection had already been made with Amazon. Niet used this opportunity for various publications, the process has proved and continues to prove to be effective.

Freedom is important for writing. It’s like that talking to a passenger on the train thing, telling a complete stranger your innermost thoughts.

Poetry and Image

Videopoetry can be used to amplify the poet’s message. He or she might also use imagery to help develop poetry.

Niet combines a reworked original poem with a photograph to produce an enhanced experience. Beware this contains adult images. They can be found on ISSUU.