Poetry One Day At A Time

A sky of aubergene and plum (2004)

A sky of aubergene and plum
Splintered by shafts of crimson and gold

Across the fields the hounds and foxes flay
Brass buttons, scarlet tuplets and ribbons gay

Horsemen back from the acopolypse steps
Canter and stroke the sweat rolled necks

The claret jug and pink champagne
Stable boy slowly stroking lady jane

Mansion house to farmers yards
Ferrets and fox draw their cards

Tired, the prisoner of the tortured sleep of the dammed
Falling, rolling, stumbling, thighs and calfs crippled with cramp

Five bar foundry formed gate supports the baying crowd
Beetroot blood on the cart track animal pain screams blue and black

Camouflage aubergine and plum
Fox cub lost