Revesby Writing

A new place to be

October 2022 saw the move to Revesby. A country estate in Lincolnshire, with homes to let in a supportive community.

Zoom meetings are facilitated from the study room, which is already overflowing with books and notebooks, with more to follow.

ON-LINE via Zoom

Creative Writing: Monday Morning 10:00 – 13:00
Poetry Review: Friday Morning 10:00 – 13:00

In Creative Writing, we work with all genres and explore the routes to pleasure and publication.

In Poetry Review, we offer our own and published poet’s work to review with a view to developing our own writing.

Our aim is for you to work intimately with your thoughts. There is a suggested donation of £4-00 per session which you can pay here.

One-to-One Writing Explorations with Christopher

Join Christopher Online via Zoom, Skype, or in person to evolve your own personal writing experiences.

Together with Christopher explore and use tools and techniques to develop your writing.

Please register your interest via email to

Out and about

Writing here continues apace with work on novels, memoirs and of course poetry. Also, pottery and sketchbook work has been added to the mix of late.

The countryside environment encourages and inspires the work, a small rear yard provides a calm space for al fresco writing.

Newsletter Poem

Christopher writes a poem for each issue of the Revesby Estate Newsletter.

Poetry in the Rose Arboretum

Christopher Sanderson, our resident poet draws inspiration from the peaceful surroundings of the rose arboretum and surrounding parkland. He spent some time there recently while he wrote a poignant piece about the gardeners who went to war and never returned and how now the Rose Arbor has been resurrected and is a place of joy and celebration.


Summer grasses waving in the breeze
Same as it ever was, same as it ever was
Still, silent, except for the butterflies
The geese in flight, and the jet aircraft

They didn’t take our mates
Not all of them anyways
But yes we put down our implements
And took off, never to return

What was left evaded the nourishment
The hope, the love, the tender careful work
Which our team of fourteen gardeners provided
In the arboretum’s creation and incantation

So, filled with joy, working, best not to forget
What might we learn, what might we do
To know the beauty, the beauty of peace
To know the peace, the peace in beauty

Looking out on a country park
Looking out across a country estate
Watch the young deer return, watch
The young, or not-so-young couples

Exchange their vows; for the record
A schematic details the layout of the roses
That’s the close-in viewpoint, celebrated
In the tipi; expanding out, way over the horizon