The year of the frozen shoulder. With the keyhole surgery operation on the first Saturday in January. Thank you to everyone at St Hughs. Also the year of THAT painting. Thank you to eveyone, especially to Kate.

Our friend’s Di and Carol hosted a Burns Night Supper, it was my first - most enjoyable. A few days later we went to York to see Thich Nhat Hanh's wonderful film Walk with Me. The year had started well.

For recuperation, also for my birthday, we took a trip to Bude, stopping off at Cotswolds Water Park along the way. The Bude apartment was first rate, as was the beach on our doorstep.

Hundreds of photographs were taken, dozens of poems were written, Kate crashed on with her paintings, and most days we walked to the nearby cafe forаbreakfast. You can find the video on youtube at Widemouth Bay Poems.

Galvanised by writing about the wildness of the sea, on our return I took a Sunday afternoon drive out to Ruckland, where once more, the natural environment, and the weather collided to encourage more of myаpoetry. Another video on youtube ensued - Ruckland Poems.

Our Meditation group now well established I decided to visit Madhyamaka Buddhist Centre for a couple of days, while Kate was away on her playwriting course at Arvon (Yes Kate has written a damned good play, set partly in the Old Bailey.)а

My meditation trip was not to join aаformal teaching but as a private retreat, it was also the start of the book:а☀︎ 2 Days Private Meditation☀︎ 4 Days Watching Fishingа☀︎ 6 Days Voice Coachingа☀︎ 5 days Loving Kindness☀︎ 3 days Mindfulness Resilience - which I was later told by a friend that was the longest book title he had ever seen.

I’m not exactly sure why but at Easter we visited London, staying out near St John’s wood, where we found a divineаrestaurant called The Ivy. We also found a rather less divine Mosque, where I dont think Kate was unreservedly welcomed, having left her hat and scarf at home.

We did see a couple of pretty good, if rather overcrowded art exhibitions, we also spent Sunday afternoon walking beside the Thames in light drizzle, with a full grey sky overhead - oh how romantic.

At the end of April I had four days away with my son Andrew at Carlton Minnot; he was fishing, I was watching, also writing, adding to the long titled book mentioned above.

We had a day out at Ampleforth Abbey, which oddly rather spooked Andrew, he said it felt like someone was watching him, he then asked me why I liked going to such places, as I was not in any way religious. Ha ha.

Kristin Linklater runs a Voice Coaching course on Orkney - we know because we joined a bunch of students from all around the world for the week long course. Lots of work, lots of fun, lots of friendships, lots of memories, and just the one hernia.

We stayed on in the Orkneys, at Puffin Quoy to be precise, where our hosts are the Islands champion gardners, and have been on BBC. Orkney is beautiful, if not a little strong on the colour green - it is a farmers paradise.

I had signed up for the Community of Interbeing'sаLoving Kindness Retreat at Emerson college (also covered in the long titled book). We decided to call off in Royal Tunbridge Wells on the way. Good Choice.

Which meant we were able to see Chagall’s stained glass windows at Tudely Church, as well as visit Sissinghurst, the one time home of Vita Sackville West. The colours in both locations were no less than amazing, the sun blessed us.

We have a new building on the East Coast: The North Sea Observatory, at Chapel Point. My daughter brought the grandchildren Thomas and Benjamin - the spectacle of a fisherman catching a shark still resonates with them!

At August Bank Holiday I went to The Arvon Foundation at Lumb Bank - the least said the better as far as the week long course on preparing a collection of poetry is concerned.а

However Lumb Bank is in Yorkshire, not far from my roots, so I enjoyed the environment, the walking, the cooking, the poetry people; and there will be books;аWorking Types, and 2004аare to follow.

September is Kate’s birthday, so we went to Ibiza, well you would wouldn't you - all inclusive actually. Of course we over indulged on the first day, falling off the bar stools in the process, but gradually we slowed down into the swing of things.

In October we ventured to the Lake District, for a weekend of Mindful Meditation Resilience, with the inspiring Adam Dacey from Mindspace. We stayed in a Quaker Hotel,аfortunately for Kate wine was served with meals.

It is late Novemebr as I write this. I did have what has now become an almost annual trip to stay with the Monks at BuckfastаAbbey, though I have to say, with my sciatica, single beds are a problem. Had I not mentioned the sciatica, all year it's bloomin well been with me, in more or less equal and painful measures.

The NHS have got me a physio appointment - late in December (bettter late than never don’t they say) anyway, after which time I may conclude this years writers update; or it might just stay as it is. It has.

ай️Christopher Sanderson 2019